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Gerdemann Botanic Preserve is tucked within a wooded hillside facing the Pacific Ocean, bordered by the Siuslaw National Forest in Yachats, Oregon.  

This is a wild place, created as an experimental outdoor laboratory magically co-existing with a native canopy of Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock. The eclectic plant collection includes many species not typically grown in Oregon such as New Zealand tree ferns, Protoaceae such as Australian Grevillia, Chilean Flame and Lantern trees, and Telopia. Original plantings of rhododendrons include species and hybrids not commonly cultivated in Oregon: Maddenia, Arboria, Grandia, Falconera, and Vireya.  The survival and size of many unique and rare plants is a tribute to the genius and persistent plant tending of Dr. James Gerdemann from 1982 to 2008. 

The 3.5 acre estate was purchased in 2008 by Jerry and Kathleen Sand and remains private property and their home.  The Sands granted a conservation easement  which protects the property from any future subdivision and preserves the Gerdemann botanical collection as a scenic, historic, educational, horticultural resource.   

Our Mission

The mission of the Gerdemann Botanical Preserve is to perpetuate the legacy of the founders, Dr. James and Janice Gerdemann. Our directive from Jim was to "experiment, propagate, learn and have fun."  

This private botanical garden is truly an outdoor laboratory.  We are committed to maintain and enhance the property for the purposes of enjoyment, education, research, and to insure the conservation of the diverse botanical collection,  wildlife, and the native woodland environs. 


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