Bail bond, what is it?

Those who want to rent a property need to know that some measures have to be taken before, so that there is no problem for both the tenant and the owner. It is necessary, for example, some guarantee of receiving the rent. For this, one of the options present in the market is the surety bond, an alternative that waives guarantor and deposit bond.

Lease bond insurance

Lease bond insurance

The use of this type of insurance, as a guarantee of rent, has been growing in the country. In addition to waiving the other insurance options, which are often more complex, it provides security for the homeowner, and a number of services for minor repairs or repairs, depending on the additional coverage of each insurer.

“It is a service hired by the lessee to an insurer, which covers possible rent delays and other related expenses, such as condominium and property damage. “

The hiring of surety insurance is also a good alternative for those who want to streamline the rental process, and it serves both residential and commercial real estate.

How it works?

How it works?

The tenant will need to pay the insurance every year to ensure that the expenses will be covered. There are several forms of payment and those who prefer can opt for installments.

For the owner of the property is option is quite advantageous, because if there is default of the lessor, the owner will receive payment of the rent by the insurer.



Choosing the surety bond can be an advantageous alternative for everyone involved, check out:

For the owner

  • Assurance of receipt of rent amounts
  • If there is a problem, reimbursement is faster
  • Tranquility and security

For the tenant

  • Agility in the approval of the lease
  • Prevents immediate disbursement of collateral
  • It is not necessary to find a guarantor
  • Assistance for the property with services for small repairs


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