Chris Brown leaves on bail after alleged aggression

Los Angeles police released singer Chris Brown, who had been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to county jail records, according to AFP.

Brown, 27, was released after paying bail of $ 250,000, those records indicate.

As well known for his music as for his violent reactions, Brown had been arrested on Tuesday for an alleged assault with a lethal weapon, Los Angeles police (LAPD) reported.

The prosecution did not formally accuse him

The prosecution did not formally accuse him

“This came out and it’s okay,” his lawyer Mark Geragos tweeted.

“The allegations against him are demonstrably false”

Police raided their mansion in Tarzana, in the suburbs of Los Angeles, after receiving an emergency call from a woman “asking for help” around 3 in the morning. The woman testified that Brown had pointed a gun at her .

After denying the police entrance to his home for not having a search warrant yet, Brown posted some videos on Instagram identifying himself with the Black Lives Matter movement, which condemns police violence against blacks.

“They have to stop with this game in which they present me as the bad guy as if I’m going crazy. It’s not like that, “Brown said in one of the videos he later deleted.

“When they get an order for what they need to do, they will enter here (to my house) and they will not discover anything, idiots,” he added. “They are the worst gang in the world, the police,” he said.

In June 2009, Brown was convicted of assaulting his then-partner, pop star Rihanna , who suffered facial injuries and was forced to cancel his performance at the Grammy Awards that year.

The singer of hits like “Run It!” And “Kiss Kiss” was then sentenced to five years of probation, to attend a domestic violence program for one year and to serve 180 days of community work.

In 2014, he pleaded guilty to assaulting a man in front of a hotel in Washington and was accused in January of this year of assaulting a woman in Las Vegas.

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