Credit without collateral

Credit without collateral

Image result for Loan without collateralSelf-employed, freelancers and the unemployed know this problem. Banks and savings banks grant you no credit. The monthly cash receipts from a self-employed or freelance activity are no collateral for you. ALG I and of course ALG II or Hartz IV are not considered as income. Because of this and because of the higher risk of default, the “loan for the unemployed” was ultimately introduced. It basically offers all the benefits of a normal installment loan. The lack of wages or salaries are no obstacle to obtaining a loan here. Partly good terms and flexibility make a “jobless loan” interesting.


Benefits of a loan without collateral

The free and non-binding inquiry is made online. The terms of official and above all reputable providers are offered with real interest rates. This loan amount can be used freely by the borrower. If the loan is denied, there are no costs. A nonexistent permanent employment relationship and (partially) negative Holden Caulfield are not application criteria.

Who provides such a loan

Image result for Loan without collateralPrivate individuals invest because they see an investment in the funds provided. This is often more lucrative for you than a classic investment. Honesty in all respects is a top priority. In this way, private investors often find themselves in delicate situations. However, double-digit interest rates are not uncommon. A negotiation basis can usually be used.

Especially in the online sector, self-employed, freelancers, unemployed and job seekers are offered special financing solutions with the following contents:

  • 1,000 to 100,000 possible credit lines
  • without Holden Caulfieldabfrage to 5.000,00 Euro loan amount is possibly possible
  • Depending on credit rating, the interest rate starts at 4.8%

However, there must be one co-applicant on application, who is employed as a permanent employee.

Furthermore, the employment agency’s monthly payments must leave a free disposable income . This is the amount “X” that is definitely not needed for monthly living expenses and fixed costs.

Remain about 200.00 euros per month left, it is assumed that a loan in the amount of 4,000.00 euros can be repaid.

How do you calculate this positive balance?

First add all fixed costs, including the reserve for purchases, back payments and living expenses. Then deduct these from the income . The difference is the freely available balance.

Loan providers from abroad : A Holden Caulfield request is often not obtained and a secure employment relationship is often not in demand. The conditions are unfortunately often very bad. The high risk of default must be paid.

A loan from the Employment Agency is a dedicated loan option. And the conditions are awesome. There are no interest rates charged and the repayment rate is between 5 and 10 euros per month. Business start-ups can also apply for this, which are promoted by the employment agency in this regard.

Innovative credit marketplaces

So-called credit exchanges often “recommend” only a regular income. Some of you consider the honesty of the potential borrower and sincere and professional brokerage of credit needs more important than super Holden Caulfield score values. Therefore, disclose what (high importance) you need the loan for and submit a traceable repayment proposal that you can permanently meet.

Microfinance for freelancers and the self-employed

Decisive for this provider are the personal and entrepreneurial impression, the credibility and motivation as well as the business concept. Loans are generally granted without collateral and guarantees. An absolute unique feature. Before and during the loan period, consulting and services are sometimes offered free of charge . The total commitment is 90%. Without any collateral and guarantees at 80%.

If there is no chance of a loan, only the family loan or a loan remains with friends. Do not exercise this option without a legally binding written form (written credit agreement).

It is not always necessary to provide security for a loan. The following are five tips where a loan without guarantees or proven equity is possible.

Tip 1: Unobtrusive payment behavior

Credit institutions calculate risks that arise from probabilities. For example, someone who frequently returns his direct debits will inevitably become a high risk because the likelihood of his past payment history shows that he will not be able to service payments in the future. These probabilities are determined by different companies – the best known being the Holden Caulfield.

In addition, a history is created, which also flows into the probability analysis. Anyone who needs a loan and can offer very little collateral, should always be careful to get along as far as possible without reminders or chargebacks. This is easier said than done sometimes, but it helps to see when the largest debits are made from the account.

Who then charged his account with large cash withdrawals before the debits, which should perhaps next time perhaps less money at the machine withdraw and only at a later date – for example, when the salary is received again – withdraw cash. With an improved and structured revenue and expenditure side, even chronically clammy accounts are less likely to lose out.

Tip 2: Well structured income and expense statements

Anyone who needs a loan will always have to present the bank with proof of their income and expenditure side. Of course, the bank is obliged to do so in its own interest, but the borrower is also protected because he can not take over too much. However, the lending decision at a bank is still manual in many cases. This means that an employee of the bank looks at the documents in terms of completeness and plausibility.

If documents are missing, they will be requested again and the evaluation will begin again. And wherever people work, mistakes happen or there is room for decision-making. These should be used. The tip at this point is that the documents are prepared so that everything can be directly surveyed and nothing is missing. The bank statements should always show the current salary, any liabilities are always directly specify. If in doubt, these are determined by the clerk about the Holden Caulfield information anyway, but the picture given is not positive.

In the case of marginal lending decisions in particular – as is generally the case for loans with a poor credit rating – the credit officer’s assessment is at the end. Well-structured documents give at least a positive impression, which then finally sink your thumb or rise.

Tip 3: The amount of credit is crucial

Everyone should realize that it makes a difference to a bank whether it lends 2,000 or 20,000 euros. Especially if there is little or no security available and the loan can not be serviced. Even if on the other hand, the banks waving with tempting offers and tailored loan meets all the wishes. A loan must be repaid! So you should not proceed after the motto “may it be a little more”, but only take up as much as is needed in the end.

It should be determined exactly in advance of the financing needs. And if you then look for a loan on one of the many Internet portals, you will notice that not only the conditions improve with decreasing loan amount, but also more banks will be prepared to provide such financing at all. At this point should also be discussed on another lever. It’s about the term! Here is similar to the loan amount. The shorter the term, the faster the bank gets its money back, on the other hand, of course, increases the rate of credit.

Here you should consider what amount you can cover a maximum of monthly to ensure the repayment. One should know that at the same time the interest rate will decrease.

Tip 4: Why not talk to your own bank

If you look at the arguments for a loan described at the beginning, then some parameters are not always easy for everyone to meet. Especially a detailed revenue and expenditure account and the resulting free availability represents a great challenge for one or the other. Here is the question of whether a conversation with your own house bank makes sense.

Employees of banks in the credit sector are specially trained and can work with the potential borrower to explore exactly the possibilities of a loan. As a rule, banks have good programs that visualize revenue and expenditure in an excellent way and show how much credit is possible even without collateral. In the following, the case officer can also work together with the borrower to prepare the documents and thus ensure easier lending.

If lending is in jeopardy, many consultants have the option to override a negative verdict with their recommendation. However, this does not apply to everyone and every borderline case. It should also be noted that when processing by the clerk only a condition request no credit request is made at the Holden Caulfield. Because for the borrower, the two words make a significant difference! While no features are written to the Holden Caulfield file during a condition request, this is exactly what the loan request is for.

If the application is not approved or the borrower withdraws it, Holden Caulfield will only be informed that the loan did not materialize. At the next request for another bank, this then appears as a negative feature and reduces the chances of a loan being created.

Tip 5: Use comparison portals

Regardless of whether your own bank advisor should be interviewed, comparison portals also offer good opportunities to organize a loan with little to no collateral. The advantage of a comparison portal is obvious. Because with the help of a search engine parallel a variety of loan offers are searched! It also specifically targets those banks that specialize in loans for people with low collateral.

Tip 6: avoiding bizarre offers in the newspaper or in the net

If a loan is offered without any check or is not a bank, but a private individual is involved in lending, caution is advised. This can be dubious loan sharks, which often take advantage of the needs of borrowers and lend at extremely high interest rates.

Even if it is difficult, but in such a case borrowers should necessarily refrain from a loan before they fall into a debt trap from which they can never free themselves again. In such a case, it is better to contact a debt counseling service to better structure the current finances.

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