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The occurrence of indebtedness in the Social Insurance Institution or in the Tax Office usually occurs when financial problems arise. Loss of a key customer, lack of orders, additional costs, for example resulting from illness or disaster – then the money starts to be insufficient to cover all obligations and may lead to debt in Loanzos and the Tax Office. Currently, however, we can use debt relief services in these institutions. What is it about?

The micro, small and medium entrepreneurs are the most exposed to the emergence of debts towards Loanzos and the US. It is in these companies that the risk of losing financial liquidity is greatest. In such cases, when the income is not enough to cover expenses, there is a problem – there is a lack of repayment of rent, invoices, and finally, delays in paying taxes and contributions.

When we are in arrears with fees paid to Loanzos and the Tax Office, these institutions most often contact the debtor in order to clarify the situation. At the same time, statutory interest for late payment begins to be calculated. An entrepreneur in such a situation can take advantage of debt relief services.

What is debt relief?

What is debt relief?

First of all, we need to point out that debt relief is not about any financial help, although it may be so associated. These are mainly consultancy services that are focused on supporting a company with debts. This does not mean, however, that debt relief does not pay off. On the contrary, it is very helpful in many situations and many companies have already appreciated such services.

Most often, debt relief services are provided by law firms. Thanks to the help of an experienced lawyer, an entrepreneur can deal more easily with all the formal meanders that appear when dealing with the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office. The services are also provided by specialists who are not lawyers but also have extensive experience in this field.

Debt relief from the Social Security and Tax Office covers the following activities:

Debt relief from the Social Security and Tax Office covers the following activities:

• written negotiations with offices – preparation of documents

• help in choosing a form of debt repayment financing, for example by taking a low-interest loan or a private loan

• consultations regarding the financial situation of the company

Together with the help of an expert in the field of debt, an entrepreneur may ask the above institutions to postpone or spread the repayment into installments easier to settle. He can also send a document asking for debt cancellation. The entrepreneur can then easily arrange difficult matters for him, save his time and focus on improving the financial situation of his business. The assistance of qualified specialists increases the chance for a positive consideration of applications submitted to Loanzos and the Tax Office.

In summary, the use of debt relief services for companies is a very good idea. When we do not know how to cope with growing debts, then the help of a specialist in this field is a good move.

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