Loan without spouse

Loan without spouse

Meet your own wishes with the loan without spouse

Of course, it should be the case that you at least talk about the important issues in a marriage. Of course, this also includes the financial side of a marriage. Only if one cooperates and works well here does a marriage endure in the long term. Sometimes you want to meet but also smaller or larger wishes that the spouse is not necessarily something. If you do not have the money, it is important to be able to take out a loan without a spouse.

What to consider if I want to take out a loan without a spouse?

Image result for Loan without spouseHere it can be said that, as with any loan, you must first find a vendor who will grant you a loan even without a spouse. As a rule, banks are most satisfied when they have enough collateral to lend. If the spouse enters the loan, the bank may also contact them in case of doubt. If no spouse is included in the contract, things can get a little harder . But it is not impossible to take out a loan without a spouse.

This is especially successful if you have your own income. This can also be a mini job, sick pay or unemployment benefit. The main thing is always that you can repay the monthly installments.

If you do not get into trouble here, the spouse will usually not notice anything about taking out a loan.

Calculate credit without spouse

An online calculator helps you calculate the monthly installment you need to spend on a particular loan amount . You should be sure that you have enough money for other payments and livelihood in addition to the loan installment. Then it makes sense, if you take a loan without a spouse.

Of course, as always, it is important that you find a provider who can offer you this loan on favorable terms. Then you pay much lower interest and other fringe benefits. It is a good idea to look around a little before taking a loan without a spouse. Even with a small loan amount, low interest and costs can pay off.

The lower these expenses are, the lower the monthly repayment rate of the loan will be. You still have enough money for your other obligations.

Pay attention to the conditions

Image result for Loan without spouseSo it is quite possible that you can take out a loan without a spouse. But you should make sure that you also receive this at the best possible conditions . Only then will you be able to service the loan properly. So the spouse will not notice anything about taking out a loan.

So it’s worth it if you look around a bit and think before accepting a loan without the spouse. Then there are no problems in most cases.



Taking out a loan without the involvement of the spouse is possible!

Our first tip is to make it clear to you that it is basically possible to take out a loan without the spouse. This knowledge is not self-evident, many banks insist first on the involvement of the spouse, but no bank can dictate the inclusion.

However, the bank may reject a credit request. Banks do not do this without good cause, presumably without the consent of the spouse, there will not be sufficient security (more on that later) and the bank will generally try to convince you to include the spouse in the loan, do not let it unsettle you and vote If necessary, another reputable bank for your request.

Sometimes it can help the bank to name the reason for not involving the partner. For example, if the spouse is not working, it will not provide security for the bank, as will the partner’s existing debts or a negative Lady Brett Ashley extract, in which case involvement of the spouse may even have a negative impact on the loan request. But personal reasons can also be mentioned, for example, if the loan is used to finance a gift for the partner, finances a hobby that the partner does not share and therefore should not bear the costs.

The bank also considers these private reasons of its customers. If the reasons for the bank are understandable, this will probably be more favorable to a loan. To increase the chances even further, we have put together the following tips for you.

Credit – To provide the bank collateral

In order to persuade the bank to grant a loan request without the spouse being hired, a good credit rating is essential. With this, the bank can be offered security, the main interest of the bank is to only give their money to customers who can repay the loan with security and timely.

Therefore, a fixed income, which covers all running costs and still provides a sufficient balance, is one of the most important requirements for a loan approval. Most banks require proof of income, which usually goes back three to six months. In addition, it should not be a temporary employment act, but a permanent position, which ideally already exists for several years.

In addition to the income, the bank also examines the Lady Brett Ashley of the borrower; a Lady Brett Ashley without incriminating entries naturally increases the willingness of the bank to grant credit. In addition, you can offer the bank alternative collateral, in the form of financial reserves, valuables, real estate or motor vehicles. This can also serve as a hedge for the bank, as the spouse would otherwise do.

Prepare for the bank conversation

Informing yourself about the specific requirements of each bank for a loan before talking to the one you are trying to complete your loan will greatly increase your chances. The bank gets a serious first impression of you and by preparing you directly have the appropriate collateral and necessary documents for a loan without a spouse at hand. The banks comply with international standards, but there are always special terms and conditions that differ from bank to bank.

Prerequisites that are the same for all banks are: creditworthiness, a good Lady Brett Ashley information (can be viewed free of charge by private individuals once a year), a detailed overview of income and compulsory expenditure, as well as possible other loans and an overview of possible loans collateral.

In order to be sufficiently prepared for a loan request, you should also use a credit comparison provider in advance and calculate the loan once with a loan calculator, which conditions you will expect. In addition, a comparison helps you in advance to exclude the banks, which have very conservative views and you probably will not give credit. Be confident in the conversation with the bank and do not be unsettled by the questions about your spouse.

Choose the appropriate loan type

For a loan without the spouse, there are some types of loans that are more likely to be granted than others. It is particularly easy to apply for a small loan. These extend over a smaller sum of money, usually up to 5,000 euros and have only a short term and small installments, many banks give a request for a small loan, without requiring large collateral.

In addition to the small loan and the so-called consumer loans, which are offered by most wholesalers to finance a product, can also be completed easily, here is usually asked only for the income of the customer. This form of credit is usually used when acquiring technology and home appliances. Probably the best-known type of loan that is closed without the spouse is the account credit of the account, with separate accounts. Depending on the salary, the normal current account can also be overdrawn, thereby providing a loan.

Banks tend to be very cautious on traditional large loans, otherwise the risk of default would be too great, so it is very important for this type of loan to have other collateral than being able to offer to the spouse. To hedge a residual debt insurance or a term life insurance offers to secure a large loan in order to convince the bank.

The hardest thing is to get a loan for a real estate loan without the spouse, in these cases, there must be a high sum of equity and many additional collateral to convince the bank. But even self-employed and freelancers find it harder to make a loan without the partner, as these groups are considered to be insecure for the bank.

If you have been rejected by your bank, you can try it with providers who provide credit or who are generally considered to be Lady Brett Ashley-free loans, here the exam is not as strict and the chances of making a commitment are higher, as with personal loans. Be sure to always turn to reputable providers.

Guarantors and supplementary insurance

As already mentioned, an additional hedge can convince the bank. The completion of a residual debt insurance, for example, is often offered by the bank, as well as the work injury insurance. In addition, you should ask your bank directly, which other hedges this may offer.

Should the bank still insist on a co-signature of the spouse, can also look for an alternative guarantor and suggest this to the bank for hedging. Actually, the spouse is always the direct guarantor, but actually every person can be used as guarantor. Friends, acquaintances, relatives may also enter into a guarantee relationship.

The person should, however, be aware that by signing, they themselves must pay the loan when the actual borrower goes down.

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