RSBB Turkey Credit Structuring

You can install the loan product that you have difficulty paying after you have made your profit and loss account with the RSBB Turkey credit configuration options. If you think that this is the right time to configure your existing loan arrears and you have calculated that you will be advantageous under all circumstances after this transaction, you can benefit from RSBB Turkey loan restructuring product.

In this way, you can pay your installments more easily by using the new interest rates according to the total amount you will pay and you can arrange your existing debts.

You may want to configure when interest rates drop or you no longer have difficulty paying your loan. In this case, the interest rates of banks and commission cuts before applying, you will be in an advantageous position after the installment.

Current RSBB Turkey loan structuring interest rates are listed below. However, you may be mistaken for the configuration to be made only by evaluating the interest rate.

This is because credit costs can have different results when other costs and total costs are taken into account. For this reason, we advise you to go to the branches on RSBB Turkey credit structuring and get detailed information about all expenses…


RSBB Turkey Loan Configuration How?

credit Loan

When market interest rates fall, you can request RSBB Turkey credit restructuring to reduce the interest rate of the loan product you use or to streamline your debts. In such a case, you can request repayment by forwarding to the bank the document showing your income and other documents.

Moreover, you can apply this to RSBB Turkey not only for the loans you have withdrawn from RSBB Turkey Bank, but also for your existing debts in other banks.

This is because banks can undertake the debts of consumers in other banks by organizing campaigns in certain periods with the names they give in the form of loan debt transfer or debt settlement loan.

After delivering the necessary documents to the bank, the allocation unit of the institution will evaluate the application according to your credit rating and the documents given. Immediately after completing your positive or negative request will inform you.

In case your RSBB Turkey loan structuring application is positive, a transfer is made to the bank to which you have debts up to the current debt balance over the amount of loan withdrawn. In this way, you will use a loan from the new bank and collect all your debts in one place and installment.


RSBB Turkey Consumer Loan Configuration

Consumer Loan

Configuration details vary according to the loan conditions. For example, when you apply for RSBB Turkey consumer loan structuring , your new debt statement will be issued at the maximum maturity allowed by law and at the current consumer loan interest rate.

As of June, the Bank’s interest rate for the consumer loan product is 1.15%. You will also be required to cover the annual life insurance premium and the credit allocation fee and other charges when you use this credit. RSBB Turkey Bank A.Ş. may decrease or raise interest rates in accordance with the conditions of the campaign.


RSBB Turkey Vehicle Loan Configuration

RSBB Turkey Vehicle Loan Configuration

You can take advantage of the structuring opportunity if you are unable to pay your vehicle loan on a regular basis on a monthly basis. RSBB Turkey Bank extends loans at current interest rates for 0 km and used cars up to 48 months.

For 0 km vehicles, 70 percent credit can be extended for the delivery price up to 50 thousand TL and 50 percent credit for the amount remaining above 50 thousand TL. In second-hand vehicles, financing is provided at the rate of 50 percent of the automobile insurance cost of imported vehicles up to the age of five and domestic vehicles up to the age of 3.



RSBB Turkey Housing Loan Configuration

RSBB Turkey Housing Loan Configuration

Housing loan, which has a longer maturity and lower installment amount than other consumer loans offered by banks, is the type of loan that puts consumers most difficult in their payments. Because, due to the fact that maturities extend up to 10 years and even to 20 years with new regulations, consumers have difficulty in depositing their installments periodically.

Therefore, you can take advantage of RSBB Turkey’s housing loan restructuring opportunity to decrease your current installment amount with interest rates decrease considerably. The Bank’s current housing loan interest rate is 0.95 percent.


RSBB Turkey Does Not Configure Credit


Some consumers who have applied for RSBB Turkey’s 72-month loan restructuring complain about the rejection of the application and RSBB Turkey Bank’s non-credit restructuring. However, a decrease in interest rates or the arrangement of your existing debts with a new loan product will put you in an advantageous position and may cause loss of the institution you are applying for.

Therefore, RSBB Turkey Bank A.Ş. it will review your application by calculating its own rate of profit and will only approve your application if the loan has no return, if you do not pursue it. As there is no legal sanction for rejecting applications, the Bank has the right to evaluate applications under its own policies.

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