Traditional consumer loan immediately to your account!

Traditional consumer loan immediately to your account!


Image result for bank loanWho can apply for a loan for a bank loan?

All 20-year-old Finnish citizens who have taken good care of their money have access to the general loan.

The applicant must have good credit

data and high and regular income.


How much loan can I apply for?

The general loan provides one-off consumer credit for the amounts of EUR 2000 – EUR 10,000.

You can decide for yourself the amount of your loan with an accuracy of € 100.


Do I need collateral or guarantors?

You do not need.

A general loan loan product is an unsecured consumer credit and is granted without collateral and guarantors.

You also do not need a separate, purchased guarantee.


How do I apply for a Bank Loan?

You can find a free loan application on the General Loan website that can be filled in and sent via the Universal Loan website.

Once you have submitted your loan application, you will receive an e-mail or, if you wish, a traditional postal loan offer.

Once you have approved and signed the loan papers, they must be returned to the general loan, after which the money will be transferred to your account.


Because a loan application can be filed?

A general loan loan application can be completed and sent at any time.

Loan applications are received every day 24 hours a day.


How quickly do I get a loan decision?

When you submit your loan application on the General Loan website, you will get a loan decision immediately.

If the loan decision is positive, you can familiarize yourself with the loan offer at home and consider accepting the offer.


Can I apply for a loan by SMS?

You cannot, the loan application can only be sent with a loan application found on the General Loan website.


How fast do I get my money into my account?

A general loan is quick and pays for approved loan applications to customer accounts quickly.

The Universal Loan website says that the money will be transferred to your account the next day after signing the loan papers, but if you sign the loan papers electronically, you will receive money in your account even during the same day.


I just changed my workplace, and I am now test time, can I still apply for a loan?

Unfortunately, the Universal Loan cannot grant credit to you for as long as you are in the trial at your new job.

Wait for your test time to expire and then leave your application only.


Maybe I need a loan soon, Can I apply for a loan decision in advance?

Yes you can.

If you know you might have bigger purchases coming in within a month or two, you can apply for a loan decision right now.

Once you have received the loan decision, you can peacefully concentrate on buying and bidding ahead of you.

Then, when the moment you need a loan, you get it on your account even during the same day, because you no longer need to apply for a loan separately, but you can only announce your desire to accept the loan offer you have received.


Overall impression

The overall impression of the loan provider is quite positive, the site is clear and getting a loan is easy and simple.

The general loan site has all the information you need quickly, and no important information is hidden.

You will also find accurate contact information on the site, so you can contact us by letter, phone and email.

The only thing missing from the site is the typical Loan Calculator found on almost all other loan service pages.



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