Travel Loan Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Travel Loan

The holiday loan can help especially with flights. But other means of transport and travel costs can be lifted with a credit. It offers a conventional installment loan , which you pay off over a period of time. For longer trips, it is important to pay off the loan month after month from the resort. Relief to the stress on the journey creates here a standing order with the bank, which leads the appropriate account. So you can enjoy in peace sights, coasts, mountains, fjords, deserts and forests, while at home there is no default.


Term of the holiday loan: prefer to pay short or long?

holiday loan

During the term of the travel loan , the time of the holiday itself must be considered. On the one hand, it does not do any good to pay off the one-year trip around the world, because the credit is only supposed to run for 12 months. On the other hand, you also do not want to pay off the loan for the three-week honeymoon over five years. Of course, the main focus should be on your monthly income and the resulting payment power. But do not try to combine the nice memories of the holidays with a loan that is still to pay.


Travel loans are particularly suitable for these target groups

Travel loans are particularly suitable for these target groups

  • Students with income / credit standing who spend a semester abroad
  • Seniors with good credit who want to celebrate their retirement with a trip
  • Families with a steady income who want to make the family vacation unforgettable
  • Young couples with income, whose honeymoon is to be extensive and beautiful
  • Entrepreneurs, the self-employed and startups who want to personally conclude deals with partners from afar
  • All others with good credit and no negative Schufa Score / negative Schufa entries , who do not want to associate the holiday with money worries


Can you pay for a holiday completely with a loan?

Can you pay for a holiday completely with a loan?

Certainly that is possible; but it is recommended only in the rarest cases. For recreational holidays, it is in no case advisable . If business contacts are to be made on the journey, new sources of revenue are developed and networks are built up, then the investment of mainly foreign capital may be worthwhile. But if you want to relax with the partner or with the family and let your mind wander , try to use as much equity as possible. As already explained in terms of the term: the holiday loan should not make sure afterwards that one regrets his time-out.


Where can you find cheap holiday loans?

holiday loans?

Traveling loans with low interest rates can be found in our credit comparison calculator . This loan calculator for different types of loans always shows you the cheapest offers. The tool that can be used free of charge simply feeds you with the desired amount of credit, the term and the intended purpose – in this special case “vacation”. In real time, you will be presented with the current conditions of various banks. The loan application can be placed directly on our site. So you get your perfect holiday loan quickly and easily .

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